Adoption Fee: $200

Adoption Fee: $200


My name is Holly because I was found around the holidays in St Petersburg. I have never had my own family or at least I don’t remember having one.  I live in a group home with lots of other dogs.  I have playmates but no one person to call my own.

I’m a good girl.  I like to please and I like treats.  I get along with other dogs too.  I love baths and walks.  I like to go for car rides.  Do you like to walk and go for car rides?  Would you like a companion to go with you? 

I’m quiet most of the time.  I’m not disruptive or destructive.  I can be trusted. Do you like quiet times?  Would you like to have someone to talk too?  I’d be willing to listen without passing judgment.  I’m a good listener!

Please consider taking me home for a sleepover.  You won’t be sorry if you do!  You’ll see how good I am and how well I adjust.  Can I go home with you?  I’d really like that! Let my foster Mom know if you want to try me out!