3 Simple Steps For Adoption

  • Complete the Adoption Application (see below), and either mail or email (wecare4paws@yahoo.com) the application to us. We will complete a review check normally within 7 days of receipt, and advise you immediately upon review of your acceptance.
  • Once accepted, we will arrange a home visit of at least 1 week so that all parties (the dog or cat to be adopted, you and your family members, and any other of your pets) are comfortable with your intended new addition. Make your adoption fee check payable to ‘We Care For Paws Foundation,’ which will be held until the completion of the home visit.
  • Assuming all goes well with the home visit, compete the Adoption Agreement (see below), the adoption fee check will be processed, and you continue to enjoy your newest family member!


We Care For Paws Foundation is honored to provide special fostering for military veterans and their families. Whether it’s for active duty military on assignment, or returned vets who might be dealing with special needs, We Care For Paws Foundation will ‘foster’ their dogs and cats for whatever time necessary.

Please watch the following You Tube video of one of our military fosters named Ducati…


Free Boarding Options

We certainly understand that there are times when you may not be able to care for your animal(s), either for trips (long or short), or family emergencies…not to worry…We Care For Paws Foundation will board your adopted animal(s) for FREE! Not only that, we will board your other animals also for free. (exceptions are fish, birds, reptiles, and farm animals)

All we ask is that you consider making a helpful monetary contribution (not mandatory) to help with the care of animals on site. As a Not-For-Profit Organization, we survive totally on the contributions from our donors… All are appreciated!

As a special extra service available only to our adoptive families, we will even arrange ‘pick up and delivery’ of your pets...also for FREE!