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Meet The Dogs!

My name is KARMA!  That is what I am!  GOOD KARMA!  I’m really a wonderful gal full of energy and eager to please.  I know I’m a little rough around the edges.  The only reason I’m a little rough around the edges is that nobody has ever taken the time to teach me how to be smooth and gentle.  Do you have time?  Will you teach me? 

I love treats!  I love attention and I’m just waiting for someone to see the special gal that I am and take me home.  I can come for a sleepover if you want. I’d like that!  That way we can see if we are compatible.  I’m looking for a long term relationship, no temporary fling!  I’m not that kind of girl.

I’d also like to go to school so I can learn more manners and maybe some tricks. Can you teach me or send me to school?  Teach me to be a high class gal!  I’m up to the task!  Please contact my foster Mom at   so we can meet!  I’ll be waiting for you!

My name is Gage and I love to play ball! Im looking for a person whwants to be a pitcher and needs someone to practice with. Im your practice buddy! I’ll play until your arm falls off! I’ve never met a person or dog I didn’t like. Did I say I love to play ball? I love, love, love to play ball!  I want a home with people who have time to play with me and give me attention. I’d love to come over for a sleepover!  If you are interested in playing ball please contact my foster Mom at www.facebook.com/wecareforpaws. I’ll be happy to come over and check out your pitching arm! Play Ball!

My name is Amos and I'm
gonna be famous one day! Look at my beautiful brown eyes and fall in love! I'm a good boy! A little rough around the edges but that is an easy fix. I aim to please! I love, love, love attention! Running and playing is my specialty. Do you want to play a game of touch football? Oh it's so much fun! I can forget and knock you over now! I just don't know my
own strength! Will you remember to remind me to be gentle? I want to remember I'm a gentle, loving guy but sometimes get sooo excited! I want to go to school! Will you send me to school? I love to learn and I
love to please. I'd be so happy to have someone all my own to please!
Can it be you? Can I come for a sleep over? Won't you please take me
home so we can play? If you're willing, I am! Contact my foster Mom at
You'll be glad you did! I'm waiting for you!


Hi there! I'm Harley! I'm hanging out at a place where my best friend cannot play with me. She has bad hips and I play too rough. I really, really try to play nicer but I'm so young and energetic, I forget! I don't want to hurt her but I need someone to play with. Do you have anyone for me to play with? Would you play with me and take me for long walks and maybe a run or two? Oh my! I'd love that! I like where I live but I really, really need to find a new home. I get so bored here without someone who can play with me that I don't have to worry about. I like little people and other dogs too. I'd be a good girl and I'd even let you take me to school so I can learn things to please you. I'd really love to have my own little person to hang out with and go exploring too. That would be such fun! If you think we would be compatible, send my friends at We Care For Paws a message at wecare4paws@yahoo.com or send a message on Facebook. Tell them Harley told you to call! I'm waiting for you! 


Hi there!  My name is Liam. I’m a little shy but when I get to know you,
I’m really a sweet fellow!  I love to play and go for walks. I know how to 
behave and I’m quiet. Now that isn’t all the time!
Sometimes I’m just 
ready to rest or to talk.
 It all depends on how I feel. 
I’m looking for a forever home. I’m tired of living in this group     home!
Not that it’s bad mind you, it’s just too full of noisy dogs! 
I’d like to have a place where I can say when it gets noisy! Would you like to try me out? 
I can come for a sleepover before you decide. Who knows, we might just hit it off!  
I know how to be good and I know how to live in a crate when we go places. I do get car sick and need help with that. 
If you are looking for a low maintenance companion, I’m your guy! Let’s get to know one another OK? 
Contact my foster Mom at wecare4paws@yahoo.com or message us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/wecareforpaws.


I'm Ms. Winnie! I love to go places and lay in the pool, just hang out. I'm a good gal. Don't you think I'm pretty with my magnificent brindle color with ears are ready to take flight. I'm an active, curious gal with a gregarious personality! I'm looking for just the right home. I really don't want to share my home with any other dogs but I might. Cats would be great because I'd always have a ready snack! I'm good with little people and I walk on a leash. I just need a reminder sometimes because I get anxious to investigate new places. I'd love to come to your house for a sleep over. I'd like to see what you have. Do you have a pool? I like sitting in a pool. Do you have treats? I like treats sometimes. Do you have time to spend with me? Take me for a walk or a ride? I love to ride! If I come to your house and like it there, I will pick you to be my forever home! Would you like that? I'd really like to give it a try! Contact www.facebook.com/wecareforpaws

My name is Holly because I was found around the holidays in St Petersburg. I have never had my own family or at least I don’t remember having one.  I live in a group home with lots of other dogs.  I have playmates but no one person to call my own.


I’m a good girl. I like to please and I like treats. I get along with other dogs too.  I love baths and walks.  I like to go for car rides.  Do you like to walk and go for car rides?  Would you like a companion to go with you?

I’m quiet most of the time.  I’m not disruptive or destructive.  I can be trusted. Do you like quiet timesWould you like to have someone to talk too?  I’d be willing to listen without passing judgment.  I’m a good listener!

Please consider taking me home for a sleepover. You won’t be sorry if you doYou’ll see how good I am and how well I adjust.  Can I go home with you?  I’d really like that! Let my foster Mom know if you want to try me outsend a message on Facebook. www.facebook.com/wecareforpaws

My name is Princess. I have lots of love to give. I know I have a cherry eye but it’s just cosmetic. 
I also have a slight heart murmur but that’s pretty common.
Please don’t pass me by because I’m not perfect.
I know how to be cute and I can entertain you all day long!  I’m a very good girl. 
I love to be outside and feel the breeze, watch the birds and just hang out. 
I love a soft bed, treats and most of all I love attention! Do you have attention to give?
Do you need a guard dog?
I know how to protect you!  Will you consider me?

I want to visit you for a sleepover. I know you’ll keep me!  
Please tell my foster Mom to bring me over for a sleep over. S
he can be reached at wecare4paws@yahoo.com or send a message on
Facebook. www.facebook.com/wecareforpaws.
I’ll be waiting to hear from you!


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